Monday, October 8, 2012


While attending a wedding, Frank (Frank Hvam) discovers two things: his girlfriend is pregnant and she’s thinking about getting an abortion because she just doesn’t see him as good father material. Determined to prove her wrong, Frank kidnaps the boy he and his girlfriend were supposed to be babysitting for the weekend and takes him on a canoe trip that the boy, Frank and the audience will never forget. Directed by Mikkel Nørgaard, Klown has more than its fair share of raunchy humor, including a bizarre three-some between Frank, his buddy Casper (screenwriter Casper Christensen) and a lonely woman they meet on their trip. Unlike most American comedies, that see raunchiness as the be all and end all of the story, Nørgaard makes sure to always keep the humanity of his characters in focus, which not only makes it a lot funnier, but gives the film a lot of heart, too.

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