Wednesday, July 31, 2013


When he’s not working at the family butcher shop, playing soccer with his friends or trying to get back together with his girlfriend, David Wozniak (Patrick Huard) seems to spend most of his time making donations to the local sperm bank. His ‘hobby’ takes an unexpected turn when he is presented with a lawsuit from some of the grown up children created with his contribution demanding to know who their biological father really is. Since his many, many donations were filed under his anonymous nom de sperm of “Starbuck,” Wozniak refuses to give his children what they want, until he gets a folder full of their personal details and starts investigating who these people he helped make really are. In less talented hands, Starbuck could have been just another raunchy, juvenile sex comedy, but director Ken Scott has higher aspirations than that. And while Starbuck has its share of lowbrow humor the film is more about what makes a family after a child is born than the biological batter mixing that creates it in the first place.