Friday, October 5, 2012

Beautiful Darling

A lot already has been said, written, filmed and recorded about Andy Warhol and his Factory, but by concentrating on one of the people closest to the artist, writer/director James Rasin brings a fresh perspective to a story anyone interested in the subject has heard before. Born James Lawrence Slattery in Forest Hills, Queens, Candy Darling was a sensation in New York City during the late 60s and early 70s. She was featured in a series of Warhol films, appeared on the Off-Broadway stage and was featured in glamorous shots for numerous fashion magazines. Combining archival footage and present day interviews, Rasin’s film does a good job of recreating the era that spawned Candy Darling, from The Factory to Studio 54. The film falters a bit in giving us any picture of who Candy Darling was beneath the layers of makeup. Of course, it can be argued – especially after watching the movie – that there wasn’t anything there, that the minute Candy Darling came to be James Lawrence Slattery ceased to exist. Still, the portrait painted by the film feels too one-sided without it.

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