Monday, March 21, 2011

Good Hair

Although the title and subject matter may make most men think the Cubs will win the World Series before they’d go see Good Hair, the fact is that this highly entertaining movie deserves to be seen by everybody. Directed by Jeff Stilson, Good Hair is a documentary about the dramatic lengths women, especially Black women, will go to have hair that they feel good about. And if they can’t get their own hair to look the way they want, they’ll just weave somebody else’s onto their scalps. Chris Rock serves as host of this eye-opening adventure, and he does a good job of staying in the background and letting the documentary subjects speak for themselves. Since it is Chris Rock, the comic does bring a few zingers to the script, but it is his honest sense of wonder about what women do to their hair – based in no small part on the fact that he is a father of two girls who will soon be asking for the same treatments the adults he interviews are getting – that carries the film.

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