Friday, September 20, 2013

Revolution: The Complete First Season

Picture the frustration you feel when you go to turn on a light or you laptop and nothing happens. Nothing. The same goes for your cell phone and every electrical device you use on a daily basis. Now imagine everybody in the world experiencing the same thing at the same time. Forever. That’s the premise of this NBC series set in the world 15 years after the Blackout. Civilization has crawled up from the ashes, in a manner of speaking, and divided itself into those who can build homesteads and those who have the power to dominate them. The only hope is a rumor or a power source that can restore the world or destroy it, depending on who finds it first. Although the story gets a bit overblown at times, the cast does a good job of selling even the silliest ideas. Billy Burke is particularly effective as the swashbuckling, yet still reluctant hero of the show.

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