Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kingdom of War: Part 1 and 2

With a total running time of close to six hours, this biopic of King Naresuan the Great, who liberated the Siamese from the control of Burma, is an epic in every sense of the word. Don’t let the time commitment keep you from settling in and watching it, though, because it’s also one of the most fascinating epics of its kind. Part 1, which details the early life of the young king and his life in a Buddhist monastery, is a bit slow at times, but the intensity of the political intrigue surrounding his young life more than makes up for the lack of big action scenes you expect in a film from director Chatreechalerm Yukol. The fights in part 2 more than make up for it, anyway. And whether the characters are fighting or simply living their day to day lives, the setting for every scene in the movie is gorgeous.

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