Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sunshine Cleaning

The worst part about Sunshine Cleaning is the ending. It’s not that the story ends badly – in fact, it ends on an almost perfect note. It’s just that after 90-minutes of watching this great cast tell such a good story, you don’t want it to end at all. Directed by Christine Jeffs (Sylvia), Sunshine Cleaning stars Amy Adams as Rose Lorkowski, a single mom who makes her living as a maid at a home cleaning service. To make enough money to get her son into a private school (he’s been kicked out of three public schools), Rose decides to switch careers and open her own business as a special kind of cleaning service, cleaning crime scenes. Anyone looking for some sort of CSI experience watching the movie will be sorely disappointed, but fans of quirky independent films that serve up a satisfying slice of life will fall in love with Sunshine Cleaning.

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