Friday, October 15, 2010

Benny Hill the Complete Megaset: The Thames Years

One of the world’s great entertainers, Benny Hill is often put down for being too childish, too silly and (at least after the women’s movement took hold) too sexist. Well, so what? He may be all those things at various times in his shows, but he’s also very funny. And he’s never mean spirited, which is just about all comedy tries to be these days. Even if he is silly, one look at Hills mischievous eyes as he’s performing lets you now he thinks it’s all a bit silly, too, but it’s also funny so why not take the stick out of your backside, relax and enjoy it. With more than 600 sketches packed into the 18 DVDs in this set, there is bound to be something that makes you laugh out loud, even if it’s just in appreciation of the lengths that Hill and his company of comics will go to to make you.

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